“As a former Division IAA college football player, I was used to being in shape and feeling healthy. However, in the years following college, the transition from athlete to young professional was not easy on my body as the stress of demanding jobs led me to lose focus on my fitness and increase focus on my food. I had seen other testimonials on John’s website and read his background story and decided he was the the right guy to help me get back into the shape I wanted. I made the right choice. John has an incredibly comprehensive knowledge of different fitness and nutrition techniques to help one achieve their fitness goals and deploys them in a helpful, encouraging and supportive manner. He has a keen understanding of how to motivate individuals based on their goals without them ever feeling frustrated or discouraged. More importantly, his methods work. Through a strict workout and diet, John helped me lose over 40 pounds in just three months. John has had an incredibly profound impact on my fitness level, physical appearance and confidence, for which I am extremely grateful. I would recommend him for anyone looking to significantly improve their fitness level or simply begin make healthier fitness choices.”