“John Turk is an amazing personal trainer!  When I started with John I had just turned 30 and was about 20lbs over my ideal weight.  I compete in equestrian show jumping, and I wanted to lose weight and gain strength to improve my riding (and my appearance).  John really put in the effort to learn about the techniques I use in my sport, and was able to incorporate exercises that helped me both achieve my weight loss goals and truly improve my competitive performance. 

Just as important, working out with John is fun!  He’s always using different techniques in my workouts so I’m never bored.  He’s very supportive and encouraging, and takes the time to explain why we do the different types of exercises.  The detailed nutritional guidance that John provides is extremely helpful.  I had never really known what I should be eating, but John helped me set up a personalized balanced diet that is sustainable, focusing on health and wellness.  I would absolutely recommend John to anyone who wants to increase their fitness and overall wellbeing!”  

Theresa Boucher