The following are our price breakdowns. There are also discounts for buying packages.



These are custom plans and will vary depending on the client’s goals, equipment and availability. To inquire please complete the “online” questionnaire located on the Home page or at the bottom of each interior page.



$150.00 per session. Discounted rates are offered for multiple family members or multiple persons trained at one location.

NOTE:  I usually will personally train clients within 10-15 miles of the north county San Diego area. Those areas include but are not limited to, Encinitas, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Sante Fe, Carmel Valley and LaJolla California areas.


– 30 Minute sessions:

  • 1   SESSION= $70.00 (paid 24hrs in advance)
  • 10 SESSIONS- $65.00ea= $650.00
  • 20 SESSIONS- $60.00ea.= $1200.00

– 60 Minute sessions:

  • 1  SESSION = $100.00 (paid 24hrs in advance)
  • 6  SESSIONS = $90.00ea = $540.00
  • 12 SESSIONS = $85.00ea = $1020.00
  • 18 SESSIONS = $80.00ea = $1440.00

– Monthly unlimited plan (30 minute sessions):

( Refers to 6 days a week 1x a day. If you can’t attend a session or miss days there are no credits. This is similar to a rent structure)


Nutritional Guidance – $400.00 Includes:

  • Calorie and nutrient breakdown.
  • Projected weight loss goal date.
  • Evaluation of current food intake.
  • Price includes follow up adjustments and guidance.
  • Meal plan template -approved by a licensed dietician.
  • Body fat evaluation – Calipers, Bio-impedence and tape measurements.

 Platinum Package – $1740.00 Includes:

  • -18 Personal training sessions.
  • -Complete nutrition package.

Note: If the above items were purchased at the “basic rate” for personal training packages of 18 session ($80.00ea) and the flat rate nutrition plan ($400.00), this would normally cost $1,840.00

You save an additional $100.00

Premiere Package – $1320.00 Includes:

  • 12 Personal training sessions-
  • A Complete nutrition package.

If the above items were purchased at the “basic rate” for personal training packages of 12 session ($85.00ea) and the flat rate nutrition plan, this would normally cost $1,420.00

You save an additional $100.00



Couples personal training is great for two reasons. It’s more cost effective and great to have a partner to add motivation. All types of couples are welcome. The rate is $110.00 an hour with a minimum purchase of 10 sessions. In-home couple training rates are $175.00 and at the studio it’s $110.00


This is a class structure with multiple participants. The cost is $20.00 per person. Depending on the room that’s available will determine the max number of participants. The program involves body weight exercises combined with Rubber bands so the only equipment the participant needs, but is not required to get, is a small rubber yoga type mat.


  • Quick pay by zelle
  • Venmo
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Paypal- Includes additional fee


For any clients you refer, I will include for them a $100.00 gift card applicable to any of my package services. The client referred must mention the person name, who referred them at the time they sign up or this offer is not applicable. The gift card is transferable. The person bringing the referral gets a free 1-hour session as well.

This job involved a lot of space management with ease of use for members. It had to be very diverse because of the difference in age of many members, many of whom are retired.